Holistic Training
for Horse & Handler:

Unlock your own and your horse’s potential,
whatever your discipline

(Note: this is not ‘riding lessons’!)

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Holistic training is about training the rider / handler to find and unlock the potential of any horse, pony or foal they want to work with, and can start from taming / gentling the wild horse, through getting your in-hand-shown animal to give of his best in the ring, and working to whatever level you want to take it.

Everything you learn during training can be applied to any horse you handle, from wild foals, through ‘pets’, to horses working at full classical equitation / advanced eventing level. Training sessions last at least an hour, and cost £45.00 per session. If you’re hiring a school, hire it for an hour and a half; if you’re working at home, allow two hours (for recovery time for you!) before any other appointment you may have – our aim is always to finish the session on a good note. It is emotionally and intellectually (but hopefully not physically) high-intensity work; you will feel somewhat drained after a session, but it is also very rewarding and will unlock your own potential as well as your horse’s.

Available to people aged 18 and over only, with basic riding / handling experience, in the New Forest area, with access to an equine (of any age!) and facilities for training, which can be as little as a fairly smooth enclosed paddock or as much as a fully-equipped indoor school, depending on the level of training you and your horse(s) are looking for. Clients are responsible for hire costs of any hired school and equipment, undertake training at their own risk and are responsible for their own insurance.

Due to the high intensity of the training (for instructor, horse and rider / handler), I have space for a very limited number of clients at any one time.

Note: although I have been BHS qualified since 1977, Holistic Training goes above and beyond 'riding lessons', so don't expect the 'traditional approach'!

Email: seaspirit@seaspiritoftheforest.co.uk
Download: Holistic Training Foundation Notes (pdf document)
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